Terms and Conditions of Hire


The company shall not be responsible for failure to keep to time where delays are beyond its control. This also applies to adverse or extreme weather condition, e.g. snow or flooding. The company will consult with the hirer at the time of booking to ensure adequate time is allowed for the journey. The hirer is responsible for ensuring that the party are ready to leave on time and to follow the details of the charter as booked/confirmed in the Movement Details enclosed. The hirer shall also make the driver aware of any concerns or problems which occur with passengers whilst on board the coach or which affect the hire.
If any of the details of the hire are changed during its transaction, e.g. extra pick up or drop off points are added, or the times are changed, thereby incurring extra costs, a charge will be levied after completion.


Coach parking charges are not included in the invoice (unless specifically arranged). The hirer is responsible for payment at the destination of any parking charges, (many can be booked and paid in advance).
The hirer is fully responsible for any damage or mess, created or left on the vehicle. Alcohol is not be consumed on the coach at any time. If any member of the hirer’s group is ill, i.e. vomiting onboard, this will be charged at £ 100.00 per incident. Invoices will be issued for these incidents and must be paid in full within 7 days of the hire.


Seat Belts are fitted to all vehicles and it is compulsory that they are worn by passengers at all times in accordance with the regulations. Passengers should note that in the event of an accident and resulting injury caused or exacerbated by noncompliance with this, and compensation claims can be significantly reduced.


The company bears no responsibility for personal belonging brought on board the coach which are lost or damaged except in cases of proven company negligence when such claims are met via the proper insurance procedures. Lost property found on board will be stored at our depot for a maximum of 3 months, and can be claimed between 08:30 and 17:00 Monday to Friday. We cannot return lost property, but can arrange for postage or courier return provided the charge is paid by the customer.


In the event of a vehicle breakdown the company will take whatever actions necessary to ensure, in the first instance, the Health and Safety of all passengers, and to complete the charter/onward travel with minimum disruption. All drivers follow a standard procedure that has been designed to incorporate a risk assessment. The incident is reported back to our offices immediately, to this end passengers should follow all instructions issued by the driver, in particular those regarding any disembarkation, or movement to the front of the coach.


It may be deemed necessary to provide this by use of another operator, and in this instance all liabilities (i.e. passenger insurance) will pass to that operator, but your contract remains with D & P Coaches.


Should it become necessary to cancel your booking, please note the following charges may be levied

  • 10 Days notice or less 48 Hours or less
  • 50% of invoice payable. 100% of invoice payable.

These charges reflect the cost of administration, planning of drivers duties and, in busy periods, the allocation of vehicles. All cancellations must be made in writing by email, post or fax and must be confirmed by D & P Coaches.