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Coach hire for all occasions

Getting you there in Comfort and Style

D&P Coaches have been taking people to their destinations for close to 30 years now. This means we’ve got a very clear idea of what people expect from their coach hire.

Providing your ideal coach hire for:

Click on the links to read more about our individual services, and maybe pick up some ideas for your own day out or function.

One of our main tasks is to make your journey as hassle-free and as easy as possible for you – journey planning, parking and (for social events) working out who is going to be the ‘designated driver’ can all add to the stress of organising an event or trip.

Hire a coach and get rid of all that worry – you’ll be surprised how reasonably priced we are, even for smaller parties.

Any time you need to move a group of people from A to B, and you want to make it easy, just give us a call. Whatever the occasion – business, social, family outing or the pure pleasure of a day out with friends, we specialise in providing the right transport to suit you.

Hiring the Right Coach – what should I consider?

Maybe you’ve never hired a coach before, or perhaps you’re not sure how to go about deciding what to do. If you have any concerns, please do take a look at our ‘Hiring the Right Coach’ page, which offers helpful information about how to make the right choice for your party.

To book a coach, or for any other enquiries or questions, please call D&P on 01252 393060