18 Seat Coaches

18 Seat Coaches

18 seater exterior_1000pxOur 18-seater coaches are perfect for smaller parties and groups, whether you’re going on a day trip or a night out. They are also a great alternative for groups going on holiday who don’t want to pay out for taxis to the airport or seaport.
All are equipped with:

  • CD player and radio for your entertainment
  • Air conditioning
  • PA system
  • Part-leather seats for a comfortable journey.

Why hire a coach?

18 seater interior_1000px

Days out with friends, family and club members are more fun on a coach – it’s easier to socialise and chat together, plus you won’t have tired drivers in your party when you arrive. Everyone can relax and enjoy the trip, free from the stress of having to drive, park and navigate home again!

Nights out to restaurants, theatres, concerts and clubs are made easy when everyone in your party can relax and enjoy a glass of wine or a pint. Your night gets off to a great start when everyone can chat and relax.

Holidays can begin the moment you’re on the coach – with plenty of room for luggage and nothing else to worry about, you can relax form the word go. What better way to maximise your holiday fun?


Hiring the Right Coach – what should I consider?

Maybe you’ve never hired a coach before, or perhaps you’re not sure how to go about deciding what to do. If you have any concerns, please do take a look at our ‘Hiring the Right Coach’ page, which offers helpful information about how to make the right choice for your party.

To book a coach, or for any other enquiries or questions, please call D&P on 01252 393060